What is meditation?

Yoga is well-known to most of the people since it involves physical effort and it is said to be a very good way to stretch our body. If you have ever been for a Yoga lesson, you can surely remember the moment when your teacher asked you to observe your breath. You have most probably been asked to RELAX and watch your breath. I guess you wonder why I stress the word “relax”. It needs to be stressed because it is the word which explains everything.Yoga classes Prague

Moments in which we are happy, creative, in love or meditative all have one thing in common. We are always in a relaxed state of mind (and body). Whatever the problem, pain or fear, once in love we are able to relax and take it easy. However a depressed person needs only a minor problem to get irritated and even more depressed. Can you remember being happy and stressed at the same time? I guess not. Well, isn't it interesting? It shows, that most of our problems, pains, fears, stresses etc. wouldn't be able to affect us if we were able to relax and take a few breaths, before acting on them.

And what is even more interesting (at least it is very interesting to me), meditation is mainly about getting relaxed. Whole Yoga and meditation revolves around getting relaxed. Without your body being relaxed meditation would be impossible. “Relax” is the only word you want to bother about if you want to understand Yoga and meditation.

So why do we need all those meditation techniques? It is to make us relaxed and attentive enough for meditation to happen. Yoga poses are ready to help us strengthen, stretch and relax our body (for the sake of undisturbed meditation). Meditation is what makes me use capital letter in the word “Yoga”. Only the combination of yoga (body) and meditation (mind) is called “Yog(a)”.

Meditation techniques are tools which help us to transcend our always disturbed mind. Once that happens we can open a gate to an immense potential. Behind the gates of our mind lies an experience of joy, peace, understanding, compassion and love which once reached becomes very difficult to take away from us.

So if you want to know more about the side effects of meditation and possibilities of spiritual life, go on reading about it. However I want to ask you to stop searching on the Internet and rather connect to your “inner net” instead. You will find the most accurate answers as you go ahead with your practice. Don't waste your time with reading about meditation and give it a try instead.

Meditation is going to change your life for good. It will surely become one of the most significant activities of your life.

Don't hesitate to contact me to learn and start practicing one of the meditation techniques today. Let me help you choose a meditation technique that will suit your personality and lifestyle. Apart from individual classes, there is the opportunity to join my meditation group sittings where the energy of two people meditating becomes equal to eleven. Meditation groups are a great way to improve our meditation progress, share and multiply positive energy and become acquainted with like-minded people.


May you and all the beings be well and happy!!