Individual Yoga lessons in Prague

Individual yoga lessons Prague One to one Yoga lessons are the best way to begin or deepen your Yoga practice. Since ages, Yoga was taught in privacy through the relationship between teacher and student. The teacher explained gradually as the student progressed. The student had individual attention and that helped him to avoid mistakes and accidents when practicing. With teachers who mastered the techniques, interested students were granted safe and effective way through the practice. Nowadays we have lost connection to the real teachers and what’s more, we lost connection to ourselves as well. We have only a few moments where we can take time for ourselves and relax in a proper way. Our daily Yoga routine should be one of those moments, but we have to “fight” frequently in order to maintain it. There is always something that needs to be done and we miss just exactly as much time as is needed to reach the Yoga studio and take a class. We should be able to make time every day, for at least few minutes, for our body and mind to recharge and rejuvenate. However, often we are missing the motivation to do so.


There are many reasons why you can't start and maintain your Yoga practice, but they will get solved once you join our Individual Yoga lessons.

- Save time getting to the Yoga studio and back home

- Control when the class will take place

- Receive personalized instructions

- Learn correct and precise techniques

- Decide how long you want to relax after the class

- Control what will be the focus of the class

- Get inspired in as many ways that just Yoga can offer

- Reschedule or make any adjustments to your lessons timing with one text message


Current rates for lessons held at your home or workplace:

Individual yoga lesson (60 min.) starting from 800,- Kč*
Individual yoga lesson (90 min.) starting from 1200,- Kč*
Additional People 200,- Kč
Individual meditation lesson (60 min.)     starting from 800,- Kč*
Prepaid Individual yoga/meditation lesson (60/90 min.) 10 lessons ........ 10% discount**











  * Prices depend on timing, location and etc. Please contact us directly for more information.

** Discount per lesson to motivate consistent students


Tip for you!

-Save Your Money-

If you would like to share your Yoga lesson you can invite your friends and make it Semi-private Yoga lesson.

May you and all the beings be well and happy!!