Osho Meditations

Individual yoga lessons PraguePick up any meditation technique, practice it for a while and you are guaranteed to experience meditation. In Dynamic meditation you can experience a lot of “strange” things once you decide to practice it with dedication. You may have out of body experiences, watch yourself dance as if you are someone that is actually watching you. You may forget yourself entirely in the process of meditation and that is just something that happens to you while practicing the technique. What is going to happen after you finish the technique and open your eyes is another story. Out of the depth of your unconscious, many accumulated emotions, experiences and visions may come to the surface. You will be not able to understand why this is happening to you. However, there will be a feeling as if you have thrown something and now you can relax. Feelings of lightness and emptiness. That emptiness will be so sweet and peaceful. Osho stresses that emptiness that comes out of meditation is not the same as when you are missing something. Emptiness in this sense is very difficult to explain, it is similar to how a glass that is empty of water is actually not empty. It is just empty of water. The water we have inside is rather dirty so now it is replaced, full of fresh air and lightness that is indescribable.

Once we were celebrating Osho's birthday. Osho's birthday is 11 December, so it was cold outside and it became dark very early. We cooked food to offer, prepared candles and Osho's picture and started the White robe celebration. Osho disciples have made beautiful music for celebration occasions. We were dancing and enjoying the energy that had started to build up. The music stopped and we sat down and felt silent. This is a moment which is very typical for all (Osho's) meditations. You are going to use the energy for going inside. Instead of wasting it in the outer world you are able to dive into a vast ocean of silence and peace. Observing whatever comes. That night I felt Osho's presence, energy and love penetrating the area so strongly. These are moments of blessings that cannot be explained with plain words. Entirely happy and not used to that kind (and amount) of energy you will explode with emotions. You will sit as if frozen, cry, laugh or just move your body with waves of ecstasy flowing through it.

Osho “was” one of the most influential spiritual teachers ever to walk the earth. The way he taught meditation, explained philosophy and interpreted traditional Yoga scriptures was a tremendous source of inspiration and became a practical tool for many thousands of his followers. But what are all his words and books against one experience of his presence? What a huge difference between understanding what meditation means and actually experiencing it. Osho has developed many meditation techniques and encouraged us to go throughout all of them and once we feel some kind of attraction towards one of them we should stick with that particular one for some time. We should make that meditation our habit and practice it with sincerity, joy and devotion. Soon will come the moment where we are able to harvest the fruits of our efforts. And of all the fruits, those are the sweetest!!

Osho techniques are highly effective ways to treat anxiety, stress, depression and many of those painful emotions we have developed as a result of our lifestyle. We have made our body a home to various problems due to the way we live, our actions and conditioning we received from society. We have suppressed our pains, fears and they are now hiding inside our mind. Osho meditations are helping them to find the way out.

Since I came to India I have been listening to Osho discourses and many times visited Osho ashram to spend time in closeness of his samadhi (place where he left his body). My favorite Osho meditation is Vipassana. My wife has spent years of being Osho sannyasi and she inspired me to get initiated as an Osho sannyasi back in 2009. As my other Gurus, Osho makes my meditation practice deeper and helps me understanding the (outer as well as the inner) world a bit more. I will be for ages indebted to Him.


May you and all the beings be well and happy!!