Join me for an incredible pilrimage

Individual yoga lessons PragueBack in 2009, I had just finished an intense one year residential Meditation camp organized by my Guruji. Filled with joy, inspired by Indian Saddhus, I decided to embark on a beautiful pilgrimage (more than 3500 km). I wrapped my body in two cotton cloth (lunghi), took small bag to accommodate small blanket and a jug for water. I was determined to not use money, sleep outside and eat only when invited.

Based on experiences from this (saddhu) journey I experienced an extraordinary two weeks pilgrimage around India's spiritual places. You are wholeheartedly invited for a trip which will awake a dormant desire in you – the desire to find Your real Self. This journey will touch your senses, fantasies, emotions and your heart.

We will visit temples that are thousands of years old, peaceful ashrams and in between meet monks, saddhus and yogis. You won't need to give up your habits, rituals or worldly belongings and still it will be you experiencing beauty and being touched by the lives of those who did. We will meet those who offered their lives to find the God inside themselves and with a bit of good luck even those who were successful in their search.

Sure, we are also going to see Taj Mahal and India Gate, but you can trust me that those won’t be the highlights of the trip. We will meet and talk to many people ordinary people and they will let us taste a bit of Indian hospitality – although we will insist to pay this time.

Do you want to do some Yoga, meditate and travel a few of the most spiritual places of India? Join me to visit places, meet people and experience beauty which will profoundly change your view on life. Be sure to raise the bar of what traveling means to you. One awesome, breathtaking, out of the ordinary adventure with all the comfort we are used to while traveling – that's my plan!

If you want me to become your guide to the Heart of India and join a group of like-minded people, then don't hesitate to register. Once registered you will be able to get the details and latest updates on the trip schedule and vacancies.


May you and all the beings be well and happy!!