Incredible India

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When you first visit India you may have problem believing your eyes and digesting all that is going on. You will feel incredible, but there may be a few things which you won’t be able to accept. You may feel that your trip suffers based on those few things you cannot adjust to.

India is like a woman who is waiting for a perfect man. She will choose someone who can accept her the way she is. Once she chooses you, it will be very difficult to forget her. You will find yourself standing in the airport with return ticket and planning when you are going to come again.

To me, India is a beauteous, magical and graceful country - the spiritual center of our Earth. I have spent way too much time in India and I have never felt that there is somewhere better. It is not just the land and nature, what is most beautiful are the people with their pure hearts and lovely lifestyle, and its spiritual history. Once you understand Indians and accept them, you are going to love them. I know you would feel the same way. First you can try to read some articles (maybe from my blog or see some pictures in my meditation camps) and slowly develop an interest in India's beauty. Not so far from now you will sit with me in the train number 12017 from New Delhi to Rishikesh and remember yourself reading this article on my web.

If you are thinking about traveling to India, feel free to contact me and maybe even join me. I am collecting a small group of people who are interested to see India and feel their spiritual body rejoicing. I want you to try meditation on the spots that are vibrating with energy of greatest souls to walk the Earth. I want you to meet yourself there. It is not going to be two weeks on a beach with a glass of Campari. It should be “touching your very soul” to see India the way I did. If you want to get updated on how many more people are needed for this trip to happen, get registered and receive new feeds from directly in your mail.


May you and all the beings be well and happy!!