Our actions are reflections of our thoughts. Negative thoughts like jealousy, anger, lust, greed, ego, fear and anxiety leave a deep impact on the health of our body and mind. On the other hand, positive thoughts like love, contentment, compassion, appreciation for others, forgiveness build a healthy environment around us.

Thoughts are powerful pulses of energy.

We need positive energy to develop positive thinking. Chakras (energy centers) are the primary source of energy for our body.

Bhutshuddhikriya is a purification process which provides an energy bath to our physical and mental bodies. It is an advanced, scientifically validated technique based on rhythmic breathing patterns with sound.

Special Pranayam technique, called Shabd Pranayam, is a secret knowledge from Siddham Yoga tradition. It converts static energy of cells into kinetic energy through constant stream of sound waves produced while breathing. This helps the stabilizing of mind waves at alpha level and tapping of the potential unconscious mind. It has been observed that regular practice of Bhutshuddhikriya shows noticeable effects on our body and mind in just 45-60 days.


Individual yoga lessons PragueEffects on physical body

  • Increased oxygen content in blood

  • Increased supply of blood to brain

  • Stimulation of pituitary gland

  • Maintains pH level of body

  • Maintenance of hormonal balance


Effects on mental body

  • Stabilizes mind waves at alpha level

  • Refines aura through increased activity in bioelectric currents

  • Purification and activation of chakras

  • Controls negative emotions

  • Removes subtle toxins


Bhutshuddhikriya meditation is one of the Siddham Yoga meditation techniques taught to me by my Guruji, Maharishi Arvind.


May you and all the beings be well and happy!!