Vipassana is a basic technique. It is mother of all the techniques because it takes something as basic as our breath and makes it a tool you can use to experience existence from moment to moment, as it is. Simplified, it is just sitting and watching with equanimity whatever is happening in our body. Observing, experiencing, accepting and ultimately also knowing things as they actually are - beautiful and simple. This meditation is a real jewel among all the meditations. It is the technique that showed Buddha his enlightenment and he has been teaching this technique since then throughout his whole life.

Individual yoga lessons PragueFor me, Vipassana was the first encounter with Meditation and since then I can't praise this technique well enough. It was like a torch that made me see my real Self in the bright light of present moment. Since then nothing was the same (in a very, very positive sense). Surely, it is not a technique for all of us (at least not for all the meditation beginners). This technique requires lots of discipline and patience (actually just a bit more than other techniques) but Vipassana has been responsible for way more people becoming enlightened that any other meditation technique in history. Another reason to love and try this meditation is that it is somehow not just a meditation technique, because once mastered it becomes actually meditation itself. What we are asked to do while practicing Vipassana becomes, with practice, a question of happening. That awareness that we practice will start happening on its own and we will be able to go past the mind, very deep, into the core of our being.

The depths which can be reached with Vipassana and the effect it can have on our life is so vast, it would take many books to discuss it. Instead I offer you guidance to your own practice. Feel free to contact me and I would love to help you establish your own Vipassana practice, answer your questions and this all in the safety and comfort of your home!!


May you and all the beings be well and happy!!