Meditation has slowed me down in a very positive Individual Yoga Praguesense. Now, as I write these lines I like to meditate in between. I like to bring my attention close to my breath and wait for some inspiration. Feeling relaxed became everything to me. I hope you won’t mind or feel it's effect on these pages, but I don't like to think too much while speaking or writing. I like to relax and type or say whatever words come to my mind. Meditation has saved my life in many ways, but it made me also more intuitive and thoughtful about my actions and decisions. Meditation saved me lots of headache, I guess. Meditation came into my life and took the burden of a heavy mind away from me. My life has become more relaxed and full of lightness. It is very difficult to achieve balance and awareness in everything we do throughout the day, but meditation made me understand that it can't be difficult forever if I relax just now. Meditation did many things to me and I am sure it will do the same to you. COME ON! NOW is Your time to close the eyes and relax for a moment.


May you and all the beings be well and happy!!