Individual Yoga lessons

My name is Maitrey

and I'm a private Yoga teacher. I teach various types of meditation and Yoga with main focus on breath, calmness and the peace in us.

From a question to Lifestyle

Back in 2005 I had a girlfriend, hectic (but well paid) job, car, money and just about everything you can imagine would make a young man happy (but as it always goes, I wasn't happy). There was always something more I felt I should have and other things that I didn't want to have. There was also a question which kept on coming to my mind and disturbing my sleep. The question made me leave my comfort zone, sell all my belongings and embark on a journey to find myself. I didn't know how, but I knew that I would find my answers in Asia. I bought a ticket to Thailand and became a voluntary target to more than a million smiles coming towards me from those obviously poor but hopeful, (as I saw it) happy people. Back home I kept on smiling, smiling and smiling. People were thinking I was crazy. So my first trip to Thailand had been a clear thumbs up to go Asia, but this time deeper and longer. I met a monk in Northern Thailand and he showed me how to relax and meditate. I was not able to follow his instructions and establish myself in the practice, but I got inspired and ready to prepare by my big trip to Asia and was determined to stay for as long as necessary to find my answers. I traveled through China to Tibet and from Nepal to India. In India it took me less than three days to get the answer to my question and visit the most beautiful place in the whole universe. To read more about it go here.

And now?

Yes, I know one doesn't need to go India to find out what's the purpose of life. But I also know how much it helped me. Living with a Guru and moving in his shadow. Being close to him and feeling his energy. Spending time in Yoga retreats, meditating in Ashrams. All those and many other things wouldn't have happened to me in Europe and that's why I am forever indebted to India.

I am still a disciple but now my meditation and whole effort is to teach what I've learned. Sharing my experiences and techniques with you inspires me. It fills me with the very same joy I can feel while meditating. I spent more than four years living in India, most of my days in meditation or practicing Yoga. I was living in ashrams, studying Yoga with old souls, roaming as a Saddhu and it was truly incredible, but to teach you is infinitely greater. I am able to relate to your problems and find out solution to your pains. It is a huge blessing to share and pass the teachings of my Gurus.

See you on the Yoga mat or on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+ as well.


I want to thank to my all my teachers: Guruji Maharishi Arvind, Osho, P.P. Shri Narayankaka , Swami Bodhi Niranjan and many others I have met and shared the beauty of meditation and yoga with. They are with me since many lives and blessing me on every step with their presence. Among those more regular (but not less important) teachers I want thank to my mother, my wife, my big family and friends who kept on inspiring and supporting me to follow and live my dreams.



individual yoga classesShephali offers both individual and group yoga classes in Prague.

Born in Amravati, India, her life blossomed by the influence of her guru, Osho. She felt a powerful connection with him and found herself easily meditative simply by watching his picture or listening to his voice. She started practicing meditation in 1999 and went on to complete a one year Yoga and Naturopathy intensive course. From 2005 she attended many meditation and yoga camps, and also spent few months working at a meditation program in Osho Ashram, Pune. We met in 2009 and after spending some time in India, we settled in Prague. Shephali’s life purpose is dedicated to sharing her yoga and meditation experiences. 

Shephali’s private yoga classes are way to gain balance, strength in the body and mind through a challenging yet thoughtful yoga practice. You can expect purposeful sequencing with a strong emphasis on alignment, some sweat and lots of fun. You will feel open to experiencing the empowering effects of yoga. Shephali’s yoga courses are infused with a warm, peaceful teaching style. The traditions of ashtanga and vinaysa are explored, as well as hatha and power yoga, to focus on the beneficial effects and meditative awareness which helps your progress. She also handles health problems including stress and depression management. Her yoga classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience. You become relaxed, calm, composed and tuned in to your energy within.


May you and all the beings be well and happy!!